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Join the Global  Web 3 Travel &  Hospitality Startup Call


Web3 in Travel & Hospitality | Investment | Accelerator | Network

Accelerating Web3 Adoption in Travel &  Hospitality

Our Thesis

We believe that the Web3 in travel &  hospitality paradigm change is already happening slowly under our feet, like a tectonic shift. It won't suddenly hit us quickly from above, like the meteorite everyone is looking for. Hence, it's hard to spot for most, because they are looking in the wrong direction. DON'T LOOK UP.


About Us

We are a conglomerate of partners from the tech, crypto, VC, and travel space based in Switzerland's Crypto Valley. We aim to accelerate the adoption of Web3 in travel & hospitality and help reinvent the industry while generating significant startup investment returns.

The Travel &  Hospitality Industry's Upgrade to Web3

As the internet evolves with decentralization, cryptocurrency, and AI, the travel industry must embrace this transformation. Tectris recognizes the potential of Web3 and aims to catalyze the industry's adaptation to this new paradigm.


Our Investment Strategy

Tectris's investment strategy is twofold:

We invest in open protocols, as they represent the foundation on which the whole Web3 in travel &  hospitality industry will live. They are the ground.

We invest in non-protocol, for-profit startups that serve as successful use cases for Web3 in the travel &  hospitality industry. They are the trees.

Leveraging AI

Tectris prioritizes investing in founders who effectively leverage AI in their ventures and explores the potential of "AI founders", individuals who can leverage AI to bring a product to market fit before expanding their team.


Startup Launchpad

Tectris serves as a launchpad for the startups it invests in, leveraging the power of token-based coordination and providing "Community as a Service" to facilitate a smoother and faster journey towards recognition. From day one, you will have access to the wider community of Web3 in travel &  hospitality.


VCs, builders, travel experts and crypto OGs

The Global Call

participate to the first Web3 Travel &  Hospitality Accelerator

Submit now your idea to get funding, networking and support


The semi-finals will be held in Italy at the Web3 in Travel Conference


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