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Investment Thesis

The Web3 in Travel Accelerator

Tectris is a conglomerate of partners from the technology, venture capital, and travel industries, headquartered in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley.
Recognizing the potential of AI and Blockchain, Tectris aims to accelerate the adoption of Web3 in travel & hospitality, driving industry reinvention while generating significantly higher investment returns compared to Web2.

Connecting Brands and Startups

Tectris bridges the gap between brands and Web3 startups, making it easier for startups to enter the industry and for corporations to learn from and invest in these innovators.


"The Web3 shift in travel is a seismic structural change happening beneath the surface. It's invisible but inevitable. Look down, not up, to witness the tectonic plates moving."

2 Investment Strategies

We aim to invest in open protocols and resilient foundations, as these are the bedrock upon which successful Web3 businesses can be built.

Second, we aim to invest in non-protocol, for-profit startups that serve as successful use cases for Web3 in the travel & hospitality industry.

Leveraging the Strength of our Founding Organizations

Tectris offers multifaceted perspectives throughout the evaluation process and startup support journey.


ennea capital Partners

travel fundraising, M&A, investments and education since 2016.


Falkensteiner Ventures

crypto-native research and experimentation since 2017.



initiators of Camino, the L1 for the travel industry since 2022.


Trips Community DAO

crypto-native research and experimentation since 2017.

Be Part of the Travel Transformation With Blockchain and AI

Powered by Falkensteiner Ventures,, Trips Community and Chain4Travel. 

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