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Tectris Global Call 2024

Web3 Travel and Hospitality for Concept and Pre-seed Stage Startups



Global call and selection


Accelerator program (remote)


Semifinals Web3 in Travel Conference, Umbria IT


Finals, demo day Vienna (3 startups).
Date tbd.


Investment (1-2 startups)


AI Evaluation

​Please note that the submission will be initially evaluated by an AI: The better your input, the better the output, the more likely you will make it to the next review stages in the accelerator program. 

Your submission will be judged compatible or non-compatible to the call investment thesis. Only if compatible, a human will review the submission.​You will receive immediately feedback which you may decide to use to improve your application. 

The Submission Workflow

Tectris is a Discord based accelerator, see the workflow here below


Submit your idea

Fill in the Google Form and tell us about yourself and your idea / startup.


LLM analysis

Before we look at your submission an LLM based system will perform two actions:

1) Define its compatibility: e.g. if your idea is NOT about Web3 and Travel/Hospitality, we are not the right accelerator for you. 
Or maybe the submission is just too poorly written.

2) Give you some feedback. If you find it useful, you can submit again and improve your chances.

We do this to filter out the low-effort submissions (we receive many!) and increase the quality of the ones we receive.

You'll get the compatibility analysis and feedback in less than 10 minutes.


Open a dedicated Discord channel with you
discord page 2

If the AI step above may feel a bit impersonal, this is where you get our full attention and can interact with us!

Normally you have to wait for weeks before you get any kind of response from VCs, right?
We will open a personalized and private channel with you within 48 hours.

One of us will become your referent and you can write anytime.

Human analysis
discord 3


Now it's the time for us to get to work on your submission.
Your referent will analyse the submission and the pitch deck / White paper if you sent one.
He/She will discuss it with you and other Tectris members will join if their expertise is needed.


Decision time!
discord page

Upon your submission, we create a second private channel which you can't see where we discuss your submission internally.

The final decision happens internally with several Tectris members evaluating various aspect on a weighted system.


We will select 10 semi-finalists, if you are amongst the, we will pay your travelling expenses to come to the Web3 In Travel Conference held in Umbria, Italy, the 3rd & 4th September 2024.

The 3 winners of the semi-finals will participate to the finals to be held before the end of the year in a location and date to be defined.

Investments in the 3 finalists will follow, stay tuned for more information about this.

Semi-finals > Finals > Investments
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